art therapy services

grace chiu

  • Unique in Canada, a specialized degree that is founded on an interfaith and diversity-centered approach to spirituality and counselling.


Master Degree of Theology, Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy  

  • Trauma Informed Art Therapy
  • Trauma: The Journey Forward - Moments of Change with Children and Adolescents
  • Standard First Aid with CPR and AED
  • My studies included Fine Art History, Art Studio, Psychology, Philosophy

university of toronto

Bachelor of Arts


  • Professionally trained in psychotherapy specializing in art therapy 
  • Awarded the Dr. Martin Fischer Prize for Best Thesis
  • My thesis included empirical research with highly significant results demonstrating that expressive art therapy improved the mood of psychiatric inpatients

toronto art therapy institute (est. 1968)

Postgraduate Diploma of Art Therapy

My Education