art therapy services

grace chiu

What is it, then, that an Expressive Therapist is doing

if he doesn't prescribe medications.

doesn't anesthetize, doesn't give injections,

doesn't disinfect,

doesn't cut, doesn't sew, doesn't bandage?

his "medications" is the art material,

his anaesthetic is the breathing out and into the belly,

his injections are the laying on of hands,

his disinfecting are the sense-ualities

of getting in touch with what is touched,

his cutting is allowing the pain to be expressed,

his sewing is to serve the emerging,

his bandages are the ritual, the song, the music,

the dance, the storytelling, the enactment,

the image-ing


the tools might be different,

yet it is always the wound itself which is healing.

Paolo j. knill

Scientist, Artist, Therapist, Educator and Musician

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